About A.L.M Sports in-depth

A.L.M. Sports is a thriving multi cultural organization with its roots firmly embedded in South Florida.
A.L.M. Sports is the brain child of Alvin Murray, the managing director, a young man who has professional experience of playing, studying and working in America as well as internationally. He brings with him a team of trainers who share his vision and tenacity to succeed where others have failed or are failing to make that break through.




We offer:

Off Campus After School Instructional Sports Program
2pm-6pm | yellow bus | 15 passenger pick up | homework assistance | snack | sports training |
indoor and outdoor facilities |
All administrative, marketing and coaches will be administered by ALM

On Campus After School Sports Programs
ALM Staff will Conduct the After School Sports Training (Specific Sport per location),
Straight afterschool for 1- 1.5 hours depending on location

Kinder / Child Care Centers
ALM Sports offers kinder-Soccer | Cheer to 3-5 year olds at their Child care center (usually in the morning).

Winter, Spring and Summer Break Camp
Education & Sports Camp
Quality training and Sport Game schedules against our other camps / teams
Breakfast & Lunch / Field Trips / Home Pick up and drop off.


Quality Assurance


A.L.M Sports:

  • Fully Insured to the highest premium by West Point Insurance

  • Miami Dade & Broward Vendor Certified

  • Town / City / County Parks & Recreational Sport Program Provider

  • Miami Dade County Public Schools Business Partners

  • Coached in many Schools, Clubs and Town Sporting Programs in Broward and Dade county

  • Have coached over 20,000 kids in South Florida since February 2007

  • Connected and Networking with many Private/ Public Schools in the Miami-Dade and Broward County

  • Fully functioning website for all parental needs


  • All our coaches are:

  • Qualified and Experienced in coaching the youth

  • Special Need’s Coaching Qualified

  • Coaches, Teachers and Mentors

  • All from different Genders, Nationalities, Cultures and Religious Affiliations

  • Follow the National Alliance for Youth Sports program for Child Safety

  • Certified on the Virtus Program (Child Protection Workshop)

  • Finger Printed meeting the requirements for the Jessica Lunsford Act,1012.465

  • Carry their own equipment & Wear distinct coaching uniforms

  • Prompt in timing and easily approachable


 Aims & Objectives

To provide sporting opportunities for young people aged 4-20 years to participate in programs that develop and ensures the acquisition of appropriate knowledge, skill and attitude as the young person matures into adolescence/young adults.


  • Mental: Team sports can be physically demanding, but to play sports effectively participants need to be mentally ready and always thinking.  Once the participants are on the field/court, it’s up to them to be creative.

  • Physical: Participants would be trained on their speed, strength, agility and endurance – which are components needed to play many sports.

  • Social: Participants would bond closer together through sports which teamwork is a fundamental key for success in team sports.

  • Spiritual: Bringing people together and knowing oneself is one our main aims. We are using sports as a means to enhance the spiritual aspect of our young participant’s journey in life.


Current Partnerships

ALM Sports are currently working in 20 Schools.

Airbase K8 (Homestead) |Ben Sheppard Elementary School (City of Hialeah) | Bob Graham Education Center (Miami Lakes) |Carol City Middle School (Miami Gardens) | Coconut palm K8 (Homestead) | Country Club Middle School (Hialeah/Miami Lakes) | Charles D Wyche Elementary School (Miami Gardens) |Gateway Environmental K8 (Homestead) | Hialeah Middle School (Hialeah) | Hialeah Gardens Middle School (Hialeah Gardens) |Irwing & Peskoe K8 (Homestead) |Jose Marti MAST Academy (Hialeah) |Leisure City K8 (Homestead) |Mother of our Redeemer Catholic School (Miami Lakes) | MA Milam K-8 (Hialeah) |

North Twin Lakes Elementary School (Hialeah) |Palm Springs Middle School (Hialeah) | Saint Andrews Catholic School (Coral Springs) |Somerset Academy (Pembroke Pines) |West Hialeah Gardens Elementary School (Hialeah Gardens)


ALM are coordinating/ Partnering Programs :

  • Miami Lakes United Soccer Club (Recreation 400 players/ Competitive 300 players – Miami Lakes)

  • Miami Dade County Parks & Rec – Country Lake Park (Basketball / Flag Football Leagues)

  • Miami Dade County Parks & Rec – Norman & Jean Reach Park (Afterschool off-site Program)

  • Moors Housing Community – Miami Lakes: Afterschool off-site Program

  • Broward County Parks & Rec – City of Coral Springs: Afterschool off-site Program

  • Broward County Parks & Rec – City of Margate: Afterschool off-site Program

  • *City of Miami Gardens – Afterschool off-site Program

  • *City of Homestead – Afterschool off-site Program (Starting Spring 2015)

  • *City of Hialeah Gardens – Afterschool off-site Program

  • Miami Gardens Soccer Club (Recreation / Competitive – Miami Gardens) (Starting Summer 2015)

  • Opa Locka Soccer Club (Recreation / Competitive – Coconut Grove) (Starting Summer 2015)


ALM are conducting Special Needs Sports Program (Children with Autism)

  • FREE Program Every Saturday Morning -Basketball/ Soccer / Fitness (Miami Gardens)


ALM are conducting Summer Education & Sports Camps

  • Hialeah Gardens Middle School (100+ kids)

  • Country Club Middle School (120+ kids)

  • Mother of Our Redeemer Catholic School (100+ kids)


ALM also offers: Sports Leagues & Tournaments / Sports for Child Care Centers / PE Curriculum for Homeschoolers and more.



What your establishment will gain out of this experience is:

  • Quality Assurance Promise from A.L.M Sports LLC

  • The chance for the local youth to develop sports skills through exciting, fun and challenging sessions

  • A coaching philosophy based on safety, fun and progression

  • Progressive guidance for health enrichment

  • Nurturing the youth to become well brought-up citizens

  • A learning environment which gives the participants knowledge and skill to play at a higher level

  • Your Establishment will be known for our Quality Assurance.



ALM Sports were featured in the Sun-Sentinel
click here for the report>>>


Did you know?
A.L.M Sports first incorporated in Great Britain August 2004
A.L.M Sports incorporated in Florida 01/30/2007