To Potential Owner  

You have reached this private page because you were selected by myself (Alvin Murray);

You were selected because I believe you have the knowledge of expertise to Manage and/or Own an ALM Sports  Summer Camp Program | After School Program | Kinder Care Sports Program | Sports League | & More.

“Number of Summer Camp Locations – 2013 = 2 | 2014= 3 | 2015 =5 | 2016 = 9 | 2017 = 14 | 2018 = We are Projected to attain 20+ “

What will you get:

  • An Opportunity to be your own boss, grow your own ALM Business Local, Regional, National or International
  • You will oversee your own Center and will have a non-competitive Zone
    (no other ALM Sports program can be within the zone)
  • to hire /promote or expel your Coaching team
  • The quarterly ALM Training Course for your Coaches by our Training Team
    (Online Theory and Hands on Practical)
  • A Coaches App for your coaches
    (which has Training Material, Session Plans, Timesheet, Communication& more)
  • Full Online Access to the ALM Website | Social Media Platforms
  • Full Access to our Email & SMS Marketing Software
    (which lets you see reports on who opens / clicks on your email and the function to schedule multiple emails to your network at once)
  • Full Access to our online Flyer Design Suite and Printing Network
  • The lowest fees on our TShirt Print Manufacturer
  • Availability to have access to our ALM Passenger Vehicles
    (based on needs of your program)
  • The 24/7 Support Service
  • The Framework and Additions to maximize your Profits

Do I need to have any prior experience in running an after school program or running a youth sports program?

No. but you must have experience teaching and/or coaching children in an organized setting.
The ALM Director Training Program will guide you through the logistics and step by step process for success.

Your Personality traits are very important for this business; you must be, but not limited to:
– Enthusiastic
– Enjoy working with Children
– Punctual
– Reliable
– under Promise over Deliver

How Long will I be at Training and what can I expect to learn?
Our initial training camp consists of Passing our Online Directors Theory Class with 90% pass rate.

Upon Completion of the theory class our Admin team will verify the results and then you will be summoned  for on-site training at one of our dedicated Camp sites in Broward or Dade County.
You will learn our techniques, methods, and beliefs and receive the certifications necessary to having success.


How is my ALM territory defined and how many locations can I open in my territory?
The advantage of owning an ALM Sports Business is that you can start small and grow into other locations over time. Our territories are determined by a joint review of the geography that you want to serve and the total number of locations that may be available. The area that we define will be a protective territory and made part of your contract agreement. We will also provide you a first right of refusal for adjacent territories at the time of your ALM Sports Business closing.

What are the initial franchise fees and ongoing royalty fees?
The initial franchisee fee is $50,000. You will pay ongoing royalties of 10% of gross sales up to $800,000, then an adjusted percentage of gross sales above $800,000. We ask that you spend a minimum of 5% a month on local marketing. 

The Above Franchise fee will be open to other Professionals/ Entrepreneurs / Investors as of August 2018
Please note this webpage was sent to you directly from myself (therefore I know you personally)

The Current Proposal to you will be as follows:

Instead of you paying $50,000
All you will need to do is:

  • attain a Facility that ALM Sports can offer a Summer Camp for the Summer 2018
  • Be Proactive in Advertising the Camp to local Parents (online and offline)
  • Help in the Staffing Recruiting efforts
  • Manage your Location(s) during the Summer Period(communicate with Staff and Parents)

Desirable venues include:

Community Complex (utilizing the pool house building)
– Country Clubs
– Churches
– Schools
– Government Parks & Rec Facilities
– Workout Facilities
– Children’s Fun Centers (Inflatable sites)

Ideally, we would like to select a venue that has approximately 1,500–1,800 square feet of space for indoor activities and outdoor areas that can accommodate sports such as tennis, soccer, golf, basketball and football.

The Financial Obligations are as follows:

  • ALM Sports will receive all of the one time initial registration fees
    (Marketing, Advertising budget, Campers Shirt, Bottle, Bag, and Discounts for parents)
  • ALM Sports will receive 25% gross Weekly income
  • Misc fee 5% (you will manage; which includes but not limited to: vehicle repairs)
  • Facility Usage (10-30% will go to the facility that will be used for the Camp; I will definitely be present to negotiate the lowest rental fee %)
  • Staff Cost (we will work together to maximize staff productivity but ensure we are in budget)

Typical Camp Example
Camp Doral | 50 kids | $100 per Child per week
one time registration fee (ave $30) = $1,500
Gross Weekly (ave) = $5,000
ALM Fee (30%) = $1,500
Misc fee (5% you manage) =$250
Facility Fee (20%) = $1,000
Staffing (3 staff ) = $700
YOU = $1,550 per week (x10 weeks = $15,500)

please note: the above example was based on 50 kids @ $100 the Actual Doral 2017 numbers: our Coral Springs ($100) | Margate ($100) | Hialeah Gardens ($80) | PSN ($80) and Pembroke pines ($80) locations all average over 90 kids.


 How do I communicate with a potential facility manager/ owner?
Once I know of your interest, I will send you our Summer Camp Proposal 2018.
you will present this to your contact.
Remember ALM Sports are fully Insured  | Broward & Miami Dade County Public School Partners | All Staff/Coached Level 2 Screened | been in business since 2007 | more than happy to give them References.


What Cities are recommended for me to approach?
The Cities I am currently in are as follows:
Margate | Coral Springs | Sunrise | Pembroke Pines (pines & Palm) | Miramar (Vizcaya) | North Miami (Biscayne) | Miami Gardens | Miami Lakes | Hialeah | Hialeah Gardens | Doral | Kendall (west)

So, if you have a prime location in any of the above locations let me know so I can evaluate and make sure it does not intrude on someone else’s territory.

FYI: We will open up a Summer Camp site in: Boynton Beach | Tampa |and we currently have a site just outside Charlotte NC – we are currently looking for Directors for the above; Let me know if just want to work the camp with no hassle – that’s also not a problem. 

Be sure to check out the hundreds of other cities in South Florida are and/or Other States
please note: you don’t always have to look for the affluent areas that will pay $100+ per week that will bring 50 kids; sometimes the lower class areas you can get 100 kids and charge $55/$60 and still make a good profit (possibly more with snack money, sponsors, lower facility %)
Very Important: For better results – an elementary school location is perfect as you the kids are already there; but if you are unable to get an elementary school – find a location that is surrounded by 2 or 3 elementary schools. C
hoose wisely – but I am here to guide you .

Just Curious – Why not continue to grow your company yourself as I see you are doing well?
The truth of the matter is the workload, management, logistics and Finding reliable and knowledgeable people for our current managed 15 camps sites is always a challenge; – I can always increase my staffing, office etc, but with trial and error it becomes more challenging.

or I can train someone who has that entrepreneurial mentality, that is a peoples person, highly motivated that can manage *2 or 3 locations and make more money in 10 weeks than the 52 that they are currently working. Understand if you make money – I make money (win win).
*Opportunity is there for you to manage as many locations you want.
Stop working hard for your money – and start making money work hard for you.  


I am very Interested – What now?
Please click the link below and fill out the online form.
I will contact you personally once submitted.
I will then send you a contract stating everything that is on this page; once signed and returned:

You will receive an ALM Summer Camp 2018 Proposal – which you will print
(I highly recommend in color and put it in a nice clear folder – presentation is key to get a good first impression)
you will hand it into your Friend who owns/manages a facility and/or you will actively research, Find and Solicit. [the key is the facility owner gets their %, so its in their best interest to make it work]  
If the facility owner is interested – I will come to the meeting to seal the deal on your behalf; as I can answer all the question and/or concerns they may have.

You must work fast as our Deadline on Facilities is January 20th.
As my next phase would be Marketing & Advertising | Recruiting & Staff Training  | Organizing the Field Trips | Vehicle Purchases | Equipment & Clothing Orders | and More
Therefore I will not have time to acquire new sites as the above items are very time sensitive.

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