7v7 – Flag Football Rules

* Games will consist of 2–20 minute halves (running clock). Clock will only stop for timeouts.

*(If the game score is within 16 points the clock will stop in last 2 minutes of a game for all plays in which the ball carrier runs out of bounds or there is an incomplete pass by the offensive team.)

*Game will begin with a coin toss to determine which team will receive possession of the ball first. Each team will get 2 timeouts per half.

*The offensive team has 30 seconds to get a play off from the time the ball is placed on the ground by the referee.

*Play calling: Coaches should be doing all play calling from their sideline. It is important to follow this rule in order to avoid delays and not interrupt the flow of the game.


*The offensive team will get 3 downs to pass midfield in order to receive an additional 3 downs to score. Interceptions are live and may be ran back

*The ball will be placed on the offensive teams own 5 yard line to begin each offensive possession that is not a result of an interception.

*In the result of an interception the following offensive play will begin from the spot where the intercepting player’s flag was pulled.







*(any offensive play within 5 yards of midfield or the end zones MUST be a pass play)

*QUARTER BACK CAN NOT RUN (If the QB receives the snap directly from the center they cannot run the ball beyond the line of scrimmage. The QB may scramble behind the line of scrimmage in order to avoid the rush and attempt to complete a pass. However if an offensive player receives a hand off or lateral from the player receiving the snap that player now has the option to run beyond the line of scrimmage or also throw a pass.)
7 yard rush (Rusher must be lined up 7 yards away to the left or right of the center. The rusher must be given a clear path to the QB. Offensive players cannot impede the rusher from attempting to pull the QB’s flag. Impeding the rusher will result in a penalty against the offense.)

*The defense can only use 1 rusher unless there is a hand off or lateral behind the line of scrimmage after the snap by the offensive team.

*All offensive players are eligible to receive a pass. Laterals or pitches are allowed.

*A player is down if his/her knee touches the ground.

*A player is down where his/her flag is pulled (not where the ball isolated).

*A player is down where his/her flag falls and touches the ground even if the flag isn’t pulled. (If an offensive players flag falls while the player are running a route they may still attempt to catch the ball but are down wherever the catch is made.)

*A player only needs tohave1foot in bounds to complete a catch.

*All defensive players must place the flag on the ground exactly where they pulled it. (Players are NOT allowed to throw the flag backwards from the location where they pulled the flag. Teams that abuse this rule will receive an unsportsmanlike penalty which will result in an automatic 1st down for the offense.)

*Unsportsmanlike Behavior

*Any type of verbal or physical unsportsmanlike behavior towards officials, players, or coaches will result in ejection from the game.

*Offensive Penalties

*All penalties are 5 yards and repeat of the previous down unless otherwise noted False start

-Flag Guarding

-Blocking or moving screen More than1playerinmotion

-Delay of game

– Jumping (players feet may NOT leave the ground to avoid their flags from being pulled.) Illegal forward pass (loss of down)

– Offensive pass interference (loss of down)

– Unsportsmanlike behavior

* Defensive Penalties
All penalties are 5 yards and repeat of the previous down unless otherwise noted

– Illegal rush

– Offsides

– Pass interference (5 yard penalty and automatic 1st down) Defensive contact

– Too many players on the field

– Holding

– Grabbing uniform

– Unsportsmanlike behavior

– Scoring

– Touchdown–6pts Safety 2pts

– Extra points 10 yards-2pts

– 5 yards-1pt

*Please note if there is an offensive penalty during an extra point the offensive team must run the original type of play chosen from 5 yards back of the original line of scrimmage.
*If an interception is run back during an extra point it will result in a safety (2pts)for the defensive team.


*A coin toss will determine which team will start on offense first.

*Each team will get a possession from their opponent’s 5 yard line and will have 1 attempt to score. Overtime will end once one team has scored and the other team has failed to score o