Elementary Rules & Regulations

1.  The current edition of the Rules will be utilized in the league with exceptions decided by the
Recreation Division.

2. Shoes & T-shirts
All Players must wear the Game Uniforms (with numbers on the back and must wear gym or basketball shoes)

3.  Please be at your scheduled game fifteen minutes (15) before game time.

4.  Game Length
Games will be played with  (8) minute quarters  with a running clock stopping only for  team or officials time-outs.
The last  one (1) minute of each half, the clock will stop each time the whistle  is blown by the official. There will be five (5) minutes between halves.

5.  Time-Outs
–Each team will have three (3)  full time outs and two (2) thirty second time outs per game.
In an overtime situation, each team will have one (1) full time-out.
Time- outs will not carry over from regulation.

6.  Overtime
– In case of a tie there will be a three  (3) minute overtime. If the score is still tied, there will be a two (2)  minute overtime. If the score is still tied, there will be a one (1)  minute overtime. The clock will  stop for only the last minute of each overtime period. If the game is still tied at the end of the third overtime period, free throws from five (5)  players from each team will determine the winner of the  game. Each team will have one (1)  full time-out per over -time period with no carry over.

7.  Full Court Press
-There will be no full court press allowed except for the last two minutes of the game.
Defense may begin when the ball passes the half court division line. If a team executes the full court press prior to two (2) minutes remaining in the game, the team will be warned, and any following press  will result in a technical foul on the offending team. Pressing will not be allowed if your team is ahead by  10 points or more.

8.  Technical Foul
-A technical foul will be scored 2 points automatically and the ball will be taken out of bounds and possession give to the opposing team.

9.  All players should sign in numerically prior to the start of the game.

10.  Each player must play a minimum of eight (8) minutes.

11.  A team not appearing by the official scheduled starting time may forfeit the game.  An automatic five (5) minute grace period will be allowed.

12.  Three second-lane
-violation and ten (10) second backcourt violation rules will be enforced.

13.  Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in ejection from the contest. Officials, coaches, parents, players and
fans should display leadership and sportsmanship qualities at all times. Any players or coaches ejected from the game by officials for unsportsmanlike conduct will be temporarily suspended until their case is reviewed. The final disposition of the case will then be made. Coaches will be required to check with their respective League Director before allowing the player in question to play.

14.  A maximum of three (3) school/site director approved coaches will be allowed on the team bench.
All other spectators must be in the stands. ALM Sports “seat belt” rule applies to all assistant coaches.

15.  Parents and spectators are not allowed on the court. Failure to adhere to this rule may cause player ejection and/or suspension and possible team forfeiture