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here is the Soccer Shots template

soccershots_template_sideb soccershots_template_sidea

I like something similar to the above ( or your design ideas)

ill need 3 different drafts: ( so I can reuse)
Please use the same template on all 3  – but just change the pictures

here is what we use currently (very boring)
whges_fall17_     or  bgec_fall17


the problem is, I need to design this every time a new program is about to start.
I just need a template so I can have it all  pre-printed. and then all I need to do is add in the program content and print.




Aims & Objectives

To provide sporting opportunities for young people aged 4-20 years to participate in programs that develop and ensures the acquisition of appropriate knowledge, skill and attitude as the young person matures into adolescence/young adults.

    • Mental: Team sports can be physically demanding, but to play sports effectively participants need to be mentally ready and always thinking.  Once the participants are on the field/court, it’s up to them to be creative.
    • Physical: Participants would be trained on their speed, strength, agility and endurance – which are components needed to play many sports.
    • Social: Participants would bond closer together through sports which teamwork is a fundamental key for success in team sports.
    • Spiritual: Bringing people together and knowing oneself is one our main aims. We are using sports as a means to enhance the spiritual aspect of our young participant’s journey in life.





A.L.M Sports:

    • Fully Insured to the highest sports program premium
    • Miami Dade & Broward County Vendor Certified
    • Miami Dade County Public Schools | Broward County Public Schools Partners / Vendors
    • Town / City / County Parks & Recreational Sport Program Provider
    • Multiple Sports Programs  from Coral Springs (north Broward) to Homestead (South Dade)
    • Have coached over 40,000 kids in South Florida since February 2007
    • Connected and Networking with Many Private/ Public Businesses
    • Fully functioning website for all parental needs

All our coaches are:

    • Qualified and Experienced in coaching the youth
    • Special Need’s Coaching Qualified
    • Coaches, Teachers and Mentors
    • All from different Genders, Nationalities, Cultures and Religious Affiliations
    • Follow the National Alliance for Youth Sports program for Child Safety
    • Certified on the Virtus Program (Child Protection Workshop)
    • Level 2 screened meeting the requirements for the Jessica Lunsford Act,1012.465
    • Carry their own equipment & Wear distinct coaching uniform
    • Prompt in timing and easily approachable


ALM Sports: After School Sports Programs | Kinder Care Center Sports | No School Day Camps | 
Winter & Spring Break Camps | Education & Sports Summer Camps
or more info: email us  | 1800 366 7962 | |


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DSC_0614 DSC_0059 21_ We were born ready 31_boys being boys 30_Girls being Girls 22_ Camp vs Camp Sports Competitions 26_mascot hug 12_Dodge Ball - Kids Favorite DSC_0389 DSC_0782 DSC_0148


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