Here are the Rules: ALM 7v7 Flag Football Rules


The Schools with the 4 best records will advance to the playoffs.

Playoffs will be between May 26th and June 3rd



April 27th-Monday-Gateway   vs Coconut Palm @ Gateway -4:00pm

April 29th-Wednesday-Airbase vs Leisure City @ Airbase-3:30pm

May 1st-Friday-Peskoe vs Mandarin Lakes @ Peskoe-4:00pm

May 4th-Monday-Coconut Palm vs Airbase @ Airbase 4:00pm

May 6th-Wednesday- Mandarin Lakes vs Gateway @ Gateway 3:30pm

May 8th-Friday- Leisure City vs Peskoe @ Peskoe 4:00pm

May 11th-Monday-Peskoe vs Gateway @ Gateway 4:00pm

May 13th-Wednesday-Coconut Palm vs Leisure City @ Peskoe 3:30pm

May 15th-Friday- Airbase vs Mandarin Lakes @ Airbase 4:00pm

May 18th-Monday- Airbase vs Gateway @ Airbase 4:00pm

May 20th-Wednesday-Peskoe vs Coconut Palm @ Peskoe 3:30pm

May 22nd-Friday- Leisure City vs Mandarin Lakes @ Airbase 4:00pm