ALM Sports: youth Sports & Events Program Provider in  South Florida

Quality Assurance: MDCPS & BCPS certified Partner | Fully Insured to the highest premium | coached over 30,000 Children in South Florida since February 2007 | We take of All Administrative – Parent liaison | Fully functioning website for all parental needs.
All our coaches are: Qualified and Experienced in coaching the youth & Event Planning | Follow the National Alliance for Youth Sports program for Child Safety | Finger Printed meeting the requirements for the Jessica Lunsford Act,1012.465 | Carry their own equipment & Wear distinct coaching uniforms.

Our Current Schools
Bob Graham Education K8 Center  |  Charles D Wyche ES  | David Lawrence K8 Center  | North Glade ES  | Somerset Academy (Chapel Trails)  |  Hialeah Gardens ES  | West Hialeah Gardens ES  | Lake Stevens ES  |
Country Club MS  |  Carol City MS  | Hialeah Gardens MS  |  Hialeah MS  | Horace Mann MS  | Lillie C Evan K8 | Air Base K8  |  Caribbean K8  | North Dade MS | Leisure City K8 | Coconut Palm K8 | Alonzo & Tracy Mourning SHS  |  


Please see below our 3 proposal Services which we would like to offer your students and School


#1- FREE After School Sports Training
FREE Sports Includes: 10 weeks (10 practices / once a week), Convenient Practice location at your School, Experienced Sports Training. Sports include but not limited to: Soccer, Basketball, Flag Football, Cheerleading & Dance.
We do host Saturday Games at a county Location will be optional to parents and will incur a minimal cost to the interested parents.  Facility Users agreement & a Fee Waiver must be signed and approved by MDCPS before we commence.

As the program is free to your students there will be no donation back to the school.
But; If we charge for the 10 week program one-time $45 fee for 10 weeks (one day per week / includes T-Shirt & Games) then we will be able to give back a percentage of income in the form of a donation back to your school.


#2- School Fundraising Events
A great Experience and way of Appreciation for your Students.
Many Schools are signing up | We will set the Event Name & Date | Distribute Info to Parents via Students |-Charge Every Child $8 (or $10) | Collect payments at the assigned dates |Set up, coordinate and conduct the event.
Event includes:
a: MVP Gaming Center:
is a custom built gaming truck designed specifically for video game events. It features both inside and outside video gaming stations – PlayStation 4, Xbox one, Wii; DJ style music/ lights and all the latest sports games and games suitable for youth. 25 students can play at any given time with our Rotation system which will host 75-100 students every 2 hours.

b: Instant Memories Photos:
professional homeroom/group photos taken and instantly printed via our latest portable Mitsubishi studio machine which can be printed instantly and packaged on the day. We can custom the picture template which could should your school logo. You must see the quality of the Photo.
*We can also offer a Photo only package to your school with different sizes and uniquely packaged.

c: Sno-Cones:
Each Student will receive a sno/ice cone with our array of flavors from our portable machine.

d: Sport Stations:
Our Coaches will bring their equipment and set up stations for fun games (bulldog, tug o war, egg spoon race) and/or Sport specific stations: Flag football, Soccer, Basketball or any specific requests from the school.
[the more stations – the better it will help with overall rotation and can increase participation rate at any given time]

if we charge $10 per student = School will receive $3 per student
your school has 900 students = donation/ with Letter to your Principals Special Purpose Account of  *$2,700
*if everybody pays.

#3- Hosting Summer Camps
ALM Sports are renowned for our Quality Assured Education & Sports Summer Camps.
We work directly with MDCPS via facility users agreement forms and acceptance.
Our Current hosting MDCPS sites are Country Club Middle School, Hialeah Gardens Middle School, Alonzo & Tracy Mourning Senior High School,  North Glade Elementary School, Hialeah Middle School.
For this coming Summer 2017, we are looking forward to hosting at Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High School, Lillie C Evans K8 and North Dade Middle School.
We hope to host this great camp at your school.

Benefits for your School:
Will be known as a local community Facility for Summer Camps (community outreach & Advertising)
Great recruiting tool for NEW Elementary or Middle School students to be enrolled at your school (recruitment)
ALM will hire key staff from your school – Janitor for building open/close & cleaning / recommended Admin or Teacher to be one of our camp directors. (Summer Job opportunity)
Offering Free Breakfast & Lunch to all participants
Will finish a week prior to School Starts (allowing your teachers to prep for new school year)

we are able to donate up to $2,000 depending upon camp participation and usage.
we can discuss further.
summer-17.jpg summer-18.jpgsummer-5.jpgsummer-1.jpeg


If you are interested and/or need more information,
please contact me directly 786 657 4572 or via email

Hope you have a Happy New Year and I look forward to hearing from you

Yours in Sport



Alvin Murray
Managing Director | ALM Sports
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M : 786 657 4572
P : 305 992 3799
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