As far as the current scenario is concerned, today’s youth is a little less inclined towards the idea of fitness and exercising in general. You will find people going to the gym, eating healthy, and consuming protein powder smoothies in an effort to bulk up their muscles, but that’s just a handful of them. The […]

While most parents sign their kids up for athletic activities because they want their children to be active, there is also another reason to play sports. Scientific research has proven that athletic activities actually enhance a child’s brain activity. Exercise is known to have a long-lasting impact on a child’s brain while it is still […]

The school year is coming to an end, summer is strolling in, and so is your opportunity for a family getaway! However, family trips can be very expensive and time-consuming! Why not find an affordable but fun balance by taking a road trip in your very own sunshine state, Florida!? Florida has the Atlantic on […]

11/14/15, Miami Gardens A great game from the students at Somerset Academy – Chapel Trail EverySaturday Morning at the Indoor Wall2Wall Location in Miami Gardens. Somerset Academy – Chapel Trail, is one of many schools that are partners with ALM Sports; Offering Soccer, Cheerleading, Basketball and Flag Football For all ages for more info visit […]