The Main Objective is for you to help ALM Sports Market & Advertise this Summer Camp 2019 to your friends/ Family and Followers – so ultimately they can register their child for our camp while you receive the huge savings.



If you Personally Sign up:

  • 1 Child = you will receive 10% off that camp week
  • 2 children(1 family with two children or 2 families with 1 child each) = you will receive 25% off that camp week (for one child only)
  • 3 Children = you will receive 50% off that camp week (for one child only)
  • 4 Children = you will receive 75% off that camp week (for one child only)
  • 5 Children = you will receive one week FREE off any week (for one child only)
  • 6 Children = can be used for your second child to receive a free week or can be used as a *roll over


Please note:

  • Sign up meaning, making sure you get a new parent to sign up their child up for our Summer Camp in any of our locations
  • The parents that you sign up must be parents that have never enrolled their child in any of ALM Sports Programs before (as we have not sent them any marketing material)
  • Basically Every 5 Children you refer, you basically get a Free Week and we do implement the roll over method to maximize your potential. Target: 45 children (directly or indirectly)
  •  The term roll over means that if for example you referred 8 children that attended the same week; your child will be free (5) and the remaining 3 ‘credits’ will be rolled over to another week of your choice (you could wait to get more or you can redeem the 50% off the next camp week. 



There are a couple ways that ALM Sports will accept your referrals:

Accepting Referrals

  1. The person you refer must attend the week of camp for you to get your discount

    (unless you are utilizing your roll over credits)

  2. The person you refer must state your name as the person that referred them on the online application form.

    you can use tell them the only way for them to only $40 registration fee instead of $50 is to put your name down. 



Here are some Proven methods you can get 40+ referrals EASY and the Whole of your Summer Camp is WAIVED:

ALM Methods

#1 Friends & Family

The First and Simple way would be communicate with your friends and family members – Word of Mouth.

Let them tell you that they would be going.

You must tell them to put your name as the person that referred them (so they can get an immediate $10 off their registration)

The earlier you tell them to register the more discounts they will be able to get.

Click here for the quick vid >>>



#2: The ALM Social Share System

The Best thing about the ALM social share program is you can get referrals indirectly (from the people that you refer); please watch this brief vid below to give instructions & to guide you:

a: Click here for info on the system >>>

b: Here is your Upviral Link >>>



#3: Referral Flyers
If you are interested in giving out our designed Camp flyers in your local community (with your name on the flyer as the referred person);
 this is if you have free time to go to the local apartments / shops / communicating with the schools PTA / Principals / Parents)
You can definitely get a huge response this way – but you must have time and connections local schools.
If you do well in this; ALM would indeed give you further opportunities within the company – Seasonal / Part Time / Full Time / Partners.
email me (subject: Referral Flyers)



#4: Testimonial / Review

This for Previous campers only; as we would need honest feedback posted on our Google Page / Yelp Page and Yahoo Listings.

In the past we have rarely used the above review listing sites but we understand many new parents will go there to see.

So our idea is to get the honest (hopefully positive) feedback from our trusted parents which will help boost our online appearance. please click the review button below

Review Us


#5: Follow us on Social Media

Be sure to follow us on our:

facebook_newFacebook and instagram_newInstagram Page


#6: Blogging

ALM have recently opened some local Facebook Groups;

If you are interested, we would assign you as a member / admin;

you will be able to post creative posts (questions/quizzes/polls) in hopes to attract more followers to our local group.

You would need to post at least 3/4 times a week to get good conversations with parents which hopefully those parents will sign up.

if you are interested in blogging, please email (subject: blogging); I will show you how you would attain the referral credits



Let the rest do whatever – While you do whatever it takes!”


Alvin Murray
Marketing Director

If you have any questions or concerns,
please Text me Personally: 786 657 4572 
or email me: