Margate - Leonard Weisinger Center

6199 NW 10th Street, Margate, Fl, 33063

Dates & Schedule

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Brett Backus

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Program Fee
$25.00, once

Teachers Planning Day

No School Day / Teachers Planning

Broward County Public Schools

No School Dates are as follows:

September 10

September 19

October 19

November 6

November 12

November 21

November 23

January 7

January 21

February 18

March 22

April 19

May 27

**June 5**  Calypso Cove location

**June 6**  Calypso Cove location

**June 7**  Calypso Cove location

@ Leonard Weisinger Center, Margate

- Kindergarten – 8th grade
- Full day: 7:30am-6:00pm
- Sports, Games, and Fun Activities (Soccer, Flag Football, Dance, Dodgeball, + more)

What to Bring
- Breakfast/Lunch
- Sun Screen
- Extra Set of Sports Clothing


$25 per day


please fill out the form below to confirm your child's place
please make payment online or alternatively on the first day of camp.
Cash or Checks (please make checks payable to: 'ALM Sports')